There was a guy named Tim that was 27 and he lived with his parents. His mom said "go get a job you lazy butt hole" so he went to Mcdonalds and failed the job interview.

So he killed a guy and stole his uniform then worked there. When he got home he played COD, then went to bed. He almost fell asleep when he heard "give me back my job" from outside. He ignored it, then he heard "give me back my job!" from downstairs. Now he was scared. Then he heard "give me back my job!!!" from outside his door. He jumped off his bed and was going to go under his bed but there was a wooden board in front of it. So he went to the kitchen to grab a knife. On the way there he met the guy he killed. "oh hi" Tim said. "hi, uhm yah. I just came here to kill you" the corpse said. "oh that sucks for me... Well see yah!" Tim said. "yep" the corpse replied. Tim walked back upstairs and cut open the board. He went under his bed, scared to death. Then he heard "GIVE ME BACK MY LIVER!!!!!" "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh... Wait what?" "oh ah... I meant... GIVE ME BACK MY JOB!!!!"

The next morning Tim's parents found him dead... And he didn't have a job.