One afternoon a boy named Jamal was told to go get some liver at the butcher's. His mom gave him 5 bucks. In the way to the butcher's there was a a graveyard and the arcade. Jamal thought to himself "I'll just spend one dollar at the arcade. The liver's only 4 dollars." but when Jamal came out of the arcade, he had spent all the money.Jamal spent 20 minutes thinking, then he had a gruesome idea. Jamal went to the graveyard and dug up a fresh grave. Then he took out his pocket knife and cut out the man's liver. He cleaned it up and brought it home. When his parents started eating super he faked sick and went to bed. Later that night he heard a deep voice from the forest behind his house say "give me back my liver..." Jamal ignored it. Then he heard from his yard "give me back my liver" now he started to get scared. He heard again "GIVE me back my liver" from the bottom of the steps. Then, "give me back my liver!" from the top of stairs. Jamal yelled out to his parents, but they didn't awnser. "GIVE ME back my liver!" he heard from outside his door. Jamal jumped out of his bed and went under it crying, then... "GIVE ME BACK MY LIVER!!!!!!!!!"

- The next morning Jamal's parents found him dead, but there was no scratches or anything on him. They took his body to get an autopsy,and it showed that he was missing his liver.