The day went on normally... Until night fall. Alex was afraid, very afraid. He took the bus to the forest but the driver wouldn't drive through the forest. "I have a tight schedule" he said. "please! You have to take me through!" Alex said. "look, you can take this here flashlight if y'all want" the bus driver replied as he handed Alex a big flashlight. Alex eventually gave up and started running through the forest. He glanced behind every couple of seconds, thinking he saw the dark man. Just then something grabbed at him from behind. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!" Alex screamed at the top of his lungs. "help!!! Someone!!!" Alex struggled to break free, when he looked behind him... His coat was caught on a tree branch. "oh... I'm getting the hell out of here." Alex said as he headed home. When Alex arrived home, the same normal things happened. Then at night when he went to bed with his wife, he told her what happened. She told him he was probably just imagining things. "yah... Ha ha. I'm just imagining things" he thought to himself. Later that night, after his wife fell asleep, Alex heard talking from down the hallway... In his youngest daughters room... To be continued.