I really don't know if this falls in the joke catogory or not, it's a little creepy.

One night a teenage girl was sleeping when she heard: slurp! She ignored it. Then she heard it again: SLURP! So she went to see what it was. She went to her parents room and they were both dead, with a streak of blood down the middle of their body. There was a note on them that said: slurp! She ran downstairs and tried to open the door, but there was a note that said:" the doors locked, slurp." she ran upstairs to get the swords from her dads collection. When she was getting them she heard one of the toys from her box when she was a little kid say "the demon goes SLURP!" (it was a spin and tell) she ran downstairs and cut open the door. When she went outside everyone in her neighborhood was dead, so she ran to the next neighbourhood. They let her stay the night. That night she heard the biggest wettest SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! She ran into the persons room, but they were both dead. She heard SLURP! As she was running down the hall. Then after what seemed like forever, she reached the door. She opened it. Outside stood a red, tall and muscular man, with red eyes and horns. He grabbed her, ripped her in half and.... SLURP!