•It was a normal day of school, just like any other... I walked to the cafeteria with my teacher and classmates. It was time for lunch, but... Something wasn't right.

No one was in the cafeteria and our teacher was leading us to the walk in freezer. When we were at the walk-in freezer we, well... Walked inside. Inside there was this block of ice, with a shadowy humanoid outline in it. I can't remember what my teacher said then, but the ice started cracking. I, somehow knowing better, started running from the scene, into the rusted and dimly lit hallway in the back of our school.

Just then I heard a scream. A bloodcurdling, insane, scream as if someone was being murdered. Then I heard more screams, and my classmates started running towards me. •I told everyone to run, and as we went around the corner, I caught a glimpse of a huge, shaggy creature with long metal claws covered in blood, following us. I screamed "RUUUUN!!!!!!" to everyone at the top of my lungs, and we all took off as fast as we could. Those that lagged behind... Dear god. One by one, the ones who didn't make it around the corner fast enough were grabbed by the long metal claws and blood sprayed on the wall behind me.


I think by the time we reached a metal room there was 6 out of 23 of us still alive. We locked the huge metal door... We put everything in the room on that door. But I kept running. I ran to the next hallway as I heard the door being smashed open, and the screams of my classmates. Then I saw the door to outside. There it was. My savior. Not quite. The door was locked. I looked behind me. And there it was, the demon, the monstrosity that had slaughtered my friends. It slowly walked towards me, not even uttering the tiniest sound. I slammed on the door endlessly and finally it opened. But I would not experience freedom. Outside the door was... Nothing. Absolutely nothing, just empty darkness. And guess what happened when I turned around? The demon was staring at me. It pulled up it's claws... I couldn't move... My legs wouldn't work... Oh god.