Slender man 22
I ran at full speed through the forest. He was behind me, arms outstretched tentacles used as extra limbs, grabbing out at me just coming inches from my back. HA! Ha ha! I heard him laughing in my mind. Finally he grabbed me, took two sticks and shoved them in my ears. I should have listened. Never should I have gone... Into his forest.

It was a normal day like any other. Alex walked home from work, then started working on his computer after super with his wife and kids. Then 4 hours later he went to bed. The next day, was different however. The road Alex took to work was under construction. "it dosn't matter" Alex thought to himself. "I'll just take the old path through the woods." he walked till he arrived, then he stopped to gaze at the forest. "why is it so dark?" he thought to himself. Just then, an old man came up behind him and said "do not enter young fool, for he will have you". Then Alex replied, "look, I dont know what nonsense ghost story your talking about, but I have to go to work." "have it your way, you'll regret your descision" the old man said as he walked away. "what a crazy old man." he thought to himself, as he walked through the dark forest. The more he walked, the darker the forest seemed, the more the trees looked like they were leaning towards him. Just then Alex spotted a black blur race in front of him. "hello?" he asked. He heard a twig snap. He looked to see what it was, and just for a second he saw a tall man in a dark suit that had a completely white face, with no features. He tilted his head, then disappeared. "holy crap" Alex said out loud. Then he ran out of the woods as fast as he could. The carried day on normally. That is, until night came... to be continued...